Thursday, January 26, 2017

World Zone Shooting Fish Game

Indonesian Shooting Fish Game
Location shooting fish game  'World Zone' with a turnover of USD 20 million per day in KL Jalan Yos Sudarso, Environment VII, Martubung, Medan Labuhan.

"World Zone is a new three-month operation. Turnover 10-20 per day, "said the manager.

Officers also seized a number of items of evidence, among others, a unit calculator, a small notebook containing notes bon cancel, the coin counting machines, three pens, three blocks voucher proof coin storage, invoices bon six blocks, six key brands AP.

Then, 25 sheets of voucher receipt of deposit of coins, cash 1.6 million, one sheet of banner World Zone, three pieces of proof of custody coin voucher numbered 005 807, 005 808, 005 818 and three units of fire engines fish.

This location has been in operation for the past three months. This game is the mode dexterity shooting fish. Performers buy vouchers to buy coins and playing with the advantage of a voucher that can be exchanged for money, "he said.

In this activity, the organizers profit reached Rp 20 million per day. "There are three suspects we arrested. They are the organizers, "he explained.

Informed citizens who suspect activity at that location. Then, we investigate. One officer impersonating a player and ask the employee how to play and how to exchange coins into vouchers.

From the location of officers securing evidence Voucher Millenium Zone 400 sheets, cash $ 5.316 million thousand, one sheet of BCA Rp 45 million deposit on behalf Tjeng Beng Chuan, cashbook expenditures and revenues Millenium Zone, seven notes cashier, 13 key machine, 1 unit calculator, first calculating machine.