Thursday, January 26, 2017

Poker Time Game Tournament 2017

Turnamen Poker Online Indonesia 2017
Poker Time Game Tournament 2017 - According to the latest research from research firm Newzoo game, Indonesia is the largest gaming market in Southeast Asia. Revenue from gaming sector this year is predicted to reach more than USD840 million. Is the largest mobile segment reached 60% with revenue potential of USD542,2 million.

Given the scale of this potential, I wonder if Indonesia became the target company to market the game besutannya games. One of them is the Time Poker game developed by Hong Kong-based gaming company, Ptwing Ltd.

Time Poker is a poker game that is available for smartphones with Android operating system. This game comes with various features such as: easy to play without having to login, bonus chip abundant variety of game modes and tournaments.

Digital poker game is well-liked by the mobile game lovers in Indonesia. Because in addition to presenting an exciting and challenging game, a lot of gifts that can be obtained. Time to play poker games, you can download it for free in the Google Play Store.

Month January 2017, exactly one year presence in Indonesia, Poker Time hold the tournament "1 Year Anniversary" with a grand prize of a Yamaha Motorcycles Rp 15,000,000.

To be eligible for the special prize, gamers can compete in a tournament with Tablet Multi Tournament (MTT). This is a special menu for the poker tournament can be followed by all users Poker Time.

On the first anniversary celebration of the tournament, the preliminary round begins from the date of 6 to 21 January 2017 starting at 13:00 each day. Furthermore, the winner of the preliminary round will enter the final round which will be held on January 22, 2017 22:00 pm until finished.

Do not be discouraged if it is not able to follow every round qualification. Because you can get a ticket to advance to the next round with a variety of ways. As to make the top-up or follow a special room to get a ticket. Equally important, to be able to follow this tournament, free or not free.

MTT tournament is really exciting. The gamers are increasingly challenged to collect as many chips as possible so that the greater the chance to get Yamaha motorcycle for free.

Well, wait no moreover, show your skills in this exciting game play. Download game Poker Time in Play Store and follow the event tournament "1 Year Anniversary" with a grand prize of a Yamaha Motorcycles Rp 15,000,000.