Monday, January 23, 2017

New Features of Zynga Poker on Windows Phone

2017 Version Zynga Poker on Windows Phone
After completion of the soft launch some time ago, Zynga Poker is now available for download on the phone with a Windows Phone. Resources mentioned, there are a number of new features that you will see players in with a Windows phone.

The popularity of the game of Texas Hold'Em alone there since the first social game Zynga released a free to play Online. Features in it was quite interesting, such as a desk / table widest and allow playing with friends and foes alike simultaneously with Online.

Zynga Poker which has been officially released by Zynga for Windows Phone has experienced many additional new features. Allows the player is presented with real prizes in a special event.

Some of the features that have been updated for Zynga Zynga Poker on the phone with a Windows are:

  • Views are made more modern with animation richer
  • Lobby intuitive to make players faster into favorite table in play
  • Smarter, precision control of the betting built with more convenient and easy
  • Play Texas Hold'Em Casual / tournament is more competitive
  • Can get Chip to 225 thousand, as well as the many bonus slot
  • Can play smoothly, such as Web or through a mobile version, only with a single login account alone profile
 Full support for the country regions, such as Turkey, Italy, France, Germany and China, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesia.