Monday, January 23, 2017

History of Cockfighting

Cockfigh History in The World
This is the history of cockfighting! Based on historical analysis, it turns out cockfighting has been around since 6000 BC (BC), precisely in Persia. Then introduced also in the 500s BC in India, China to Ancient Greece. In the era of AD, Roman was quite popular cockfighting.

In Indonesia alone, is believed to be the first popular cockfighting in Bali. Then go to the island of Java in Demak royal era.

In some regions, cockfighting is not only intended for gambling. There is a cultural value and entertainment elements also inside.

In Bali, for example, cockfighting is also known tajen is part of the practice of ritual to expel evil spirits. To drive away evil spirits, then no sacrifice of animals, in this case the chicken. Chicken blood lost will be sacrificed as an offering.

If in Bali cockfighting contains cultural elements. Unlike in Latin Ameria, in Cuba for example. Cockfighting became "sport" seasonal very popular in Cuba. Usually held for months with tournament system. Even so with in Mexico, Brazil, Peru, and elsewhere in the Americas.

In this modern era, cockfighting is not popular in Europe. Unlike the old days that was popular in Greek and Roman. Now, in addition to Latin America, cockfighting entrenched in the Asian community, particularly South and Southeast Asia. Besides Indonesia, cockfights are also popular in India, Japan, the Philippines, Iraq, Pakistan and other countries, and of course in Thailand which has the most popular type of fighting cocks as chickens Bangkok.