Thursday, January 26, 2017

10 Million Turnover Cockfighting

Big Bonus Turnover Cockfighting
Cockfighting with a turnover of tens of millions ransacked Police tiles. These raids, led directly Kapolsek tiles, Commissioner Sumartono around 10:00 PM managed to secure 6 below confiscated chickens and tools for cockfights.

Sixth sabung gamblers, namely Bambang Sugiarto (51), Nasrul (37) Village residents Wetan tiles; Inul Hariono (31) from the village of Kembiritan; and three village residents Setail, District of tiles, each Muhammad Samsul Arifin (26), Barianto (61), plus Muhammad Ilham

"Cockfighting was held at the home of a resident Krajan, Setail village. We deliberately designed the raid after being tipped residents troubled by the behavior of gamblers, "said middle-ranking officers from the city of Banyuwangi. Added Commissioner Sumartono, but money is no other evidence was also taken to Mapolsek tiles.

Evidence that include 10 roosters, which is used as a barrier fabric cockfighting arena, 3 buckets, as well as 5 chicken cages. That afternoon raid took place when dozens of gamblers were busy watching the fight roosters in the arena were prepared.

"Most people who are in scattered locations so we came raid. They escape by leaving the original two-wheeled vehicle driving, "continued the officer with the budget on the shoulders that had undergone in Situbondo police official duties.

Motorcycles are left in the gambling locations totaling 48 units. Of the number of vehicles that officers then estimate the number of people who came to the scene more than 50 people. The entire iron horse was then helped secured to Mapolsek tile using a truck. "Six people we have secured is being questioned," he concluded.