Thursday, January 26, 2017

World Zone Shooting Fish Game

Indonesian Shooting Fish Game
Location shooting fish game  'World Zone' with a turnover of USD 20 million per day in KL Jalan Yos Sudarso, Environment VII, Martubung, Medan Labuhan.

"World Zone is a new three-month operation. Turnover 10-20 per day, "said the manager.

10 Million Turnover Cockfighting

Big Bonus Turnover Cockfighting
Cockfighting with a turnover of tens of millions ransacked Police tiles. These raids, led directly Kapolsek tiles, Commissioner Sumartono around 10:00 PM managed to secure 6 below confiscated chickens and tools for cockfights.

Poker Time Game Tournament 2017

Turnamen Poker Online Indonesia 2017
Poker Time Game Tournament 2017 - According to the latest research from research firm Newzoo game, Indonesia is the largest gaming market in Southeast Asia. Revenue from gaming sector this year is predicted to reach more than USD840 million. Is the largest mobile segment reached 60% with revenue potential of USD542,2 million.

Monday, January 23, 2017

New Features of Zynga Poker on Windows Phone

2017 Version Zynga Poker on Windows Phone
After completion of the soft launch some time ago, Zynga Poker is now available for download on the phone with a Windows Phone. Resources mentioned, there are a number of new features that you will see players in with a Windows phone.

The popularity of the game of Texas Hold'Em alone there since the first social game Zynga released a free to play Online. Features in it was quite interesting, such as a desk / table widest and allow playing with friends and foes alike simultaneously with Online.

History of Cockfighting

Cockfigh History in The World
This is the history of cockfighting! Based on historical analysis, it turns out cockfighting has been around since 6000 BC (BC), precisely in Persia. Then introduced also in the 500s BC in India, China to Ancient Greece. In the era of AD, Roman was quite popular cockfighting.

In Indonesia alone, is believed to be the first popular cockfighting in Bali. Then go to the island of Java in Demak royal era.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Online Shooting Fish Game

Shooting Fish Game 2017
Online shooting fish is a very interesting game and a solution for fans of the game that was originally popular on offline. Because of its history, the game shooting fish originated from the game machines that are often found in place of games like Timezone example.

Now, shooting fish not only can be played online, game of shooting fish also now become the arena of gambling, which is not just for pleasure but is also likely to benefit. So, for you fans of shooting games that have advanced especially fish, shoot fish online gambling could be an arena for you to benefit materially.